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Cooking thanksgiving dinner is no easy feat, especially when you’re cooking for lots of people. It takes blood, sweat, tears, a whole lot of preparation and a hell of a lot of money to pull off a successful Thanksgiving. This is the reason many people decline to do it! However, someone has to do it, so chances are you’ve been invited to a Thanksgiving dinner of some kind.

If you have been invited to one, lucky you! You don’t have to slave over a stove for hours, making sure everything is absolutely perfect. However, it’s only polite to take some kind of gift along with you. You absolutely cannot go empty handed, and must provide a gift for the dinner host or hostess. Imagine if you went through all of that trouble and you didn’t even get a little something to say thanks? You’d be perturbed to say the least. It’s only polite to take with you a token of your gratitude. Don’t just buy any old thing though – a thoughtful gift for the Thanksgiving host will make them feel like all of the effort they have put in has been worth it.

With that in mind, we have the perfect unique thanksgiving gift idea to blow you away. You don’t want to give the host a similar gift to another guest in the party, right? Custom bobbleheads are one of the hottest unique gifts around right now, and are crafted to perfection by hand. Here are some custom bobblehead ideas and information that should inspire you. You’ll definitely find something perfect for the host amongst the plethora of options on offer!

Why A Custom Bobblehead Is Perfect For Thanksgiving Gift

Want a novelty gift that will no doubt bring a smile to this person’s face? You’ve found what you’re looking for with a custom bobblehead. The great thing about a custom bobblehead is that you can make it look like absolutely anybody you can imagine. You can send in a picture of the person making Thanksgiving dinner and have it made that way, or even have it made in the likeness of this person’s favorite celebrity. It’s a great little thing to have on their desk at work, or even watching over them while they cook in the kitchen!

The majority of people go for having the bobblehead made in the image of the receiver, because it’s such a unique thing to give. You are highly unlikely to find a standard, machine made bobblehead in the store that looks like the person you are giving to. These store bought bobbleheads are usually low quality, with very little detail and will not stand the test of time like custom made bobbleheads. As soon as they see their custom bobblehead, they will know that you thoughtfully had the bobblehead made especially for them. The nose, smile, eyes, and accessories will all add to the finished look, ensuring you can give the receiver a mini version of themselves to keep forever.

Making A Custom Bobblehead For Thanksgiving

The process is simple; you simply send in a picture of the person you would like the bobblehead made in the likeness of, and then your bobblehead goes into the design stage. The proofing phase is important, as you have the chance to see the bobblehead before it is actually created and make small changes if needed. This means you can make the bobblehead look exactly like the person you are giving it to! You could ask for anything to be tweaked. All that’s left to do when you are happy with the look is wait for it to arrive. You can take a look at testimonials and reviews if you need proof that the product will be delivered in good time and look exactly how you imagined. We do not disappoint and our reviews speak for themselves!

You can pretty much guarantee that nobody else arriving to thanksgiving dinner will have brought this gift along with them. Everybody that received a custom bobblehead is delighted and amazed in equal parts – with many of them calling it their most prized possession. The receiver certainly won’t regret asking you to come for Thanksgiving dinner if you bring along something as unique and high quality as this. They will remember your unique gift amongst many of the standard and unoriginal gifts they received. It’ll keep you in good stead with them for years to come!

How Can You Make The Bobblehead Relate To Thanksgiving?

You may not want the bobblehead you design to relate to Thanksgiving, and that’s fine. You could simply have the bobblehead in a similar outfit to the receiver, so that it’s a great little conversation piece they can show off all year round. However, if you want to make the gift more seasonal and related to the occasion, there are a couple of things you can do.

It’s possible to have the bobblehead made carving a turkey, or holding a ready carved plate of turkey. Alternatively, you could simply show the custom bobblehead cooking dinner, using food and kitchen props to make this apparent. When you focus on the finer details like this, it can make the gift even more special. Other details you can include are hobbies, such as shopping and playing instruments, fancy dress costumes, and formal outfit ideas. You can even have couple bobbleheads made if you have two hosts who have invited you into their home for Thanksgiving.

If this sounds like a great gift to you, all you have to do is make sure you make your order with plenty of time for it to be created and arrive. You’ll love the look on the receiver’s face when they see it for the first time

Hopefully, you’ve found something you think your host or hostess will love amongst these bobblehead ideas. It can all depend on the host and the kind of things they like, but thinking outside of the box in the design stage ensures a unique gift that nobody else will bring along. Whatever you do, don’t turn up empty handed!


Ever wondered about custom bobble heads? Read this

We have all played with some bobbleheads in our childhood. Some of us have these collectible toys in our offices, cars and other locations. Bobbleheads are fun, interesting and highly decorative too. We have seen bobbleheads in the form of television stars, movie icons, sports-people and famous historical figures too. Have you ever wanted to have a bobblehead of someone you love or even yourself? Thanks to technological innovation and the Internet, now you can. There are online companies that manufacture Custom bobbleheads which are customized to look like any figure you desire. It could be you, your partner, a member of of your family or even a friend. You can even have a custom bobblehead of your pet. Read on to learn about it.

How are custom bobbleheads made?

To get a custom bobblehead, the first step is to take a close up photo of the face that you intend to have depicted in the bobblehead. After that, you can upload this picture to the custom bobblehead company that you want to buy from. They normally provide a collection of body types for you to pick from too. Examples of these are work, professional, sporty, fashionable, traditional, wedding, group and kids body types.

Pick a body type for your custom bobblehead. Once you do this, place your order and the custom bobblehead which you want will be made for you. The company will inform you through your email address about the progress on your order. Once it is completed, you will be required to make payment and the bobblehead will be delivered to you.

Some companies normally offer free shipping on custom bobbleheads. it is important to inquire about this. you could enjoy this service based on specific requirements such as your location or the number of bobbleheads that you have ordered.

Characteristics of custom bobbleheads

Construction material

These decorative toys are made of a material that is known as polyresin. It is durable, malleable and produces high quality items. Polyresin allows the bobblehead to have intricate details. Moreover, it does not dry out or crack over time. Therefore, it is the industry standard material for the construction of Custom bobbleheads.

3D molds

When you send a picture of your bobblehead subject, the artisan in the bobblehead company takes a good look at it and creates a 3D figure. This is known as a clay mold. By using special sculpting tools, they will sculpt the mold so that it looks exactly like the picture which you provided. Professional custom bobblehead companies normally send proofs to their clients. This allows the clients to suggest any alterations that they could want. Normally, clients are allowed to give their opinion on as many proofs as required. Once they have arrived at a final acceptable one, the clay mold is cast and painted to depict your desired image.


Custom bobbleheads make for interesting and entertaining toys or gifts. They are interesting to look at and their bobbling heads are enchanting. By simply going online and following the above procedure, you can have a custom bobblehead made today.